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Use this page to create an employee engagment survey (we call them a Delve) - combining GoDelve's expertly pre-prepared topical sections with your own custom created sections.

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What are you interested in finding out?

Please pick which sections you would like to include in your delve:

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A little about your organisation.

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Who is the overall leader of the organisation?

A little about your organisation structure

First lets capture where respondees fit within the organisation.

e.g. Business Unit or Department or Function etc. Max25 Characters or leave blank and Group will be used

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With the most senior as first please enter your organisations layers.
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Let's just clarify the details of the Delve.

Each person who responds to the delve counts as one response. Typically this will be the number of people that you request to complete the Delve. You can upgrade the Delve later to allow for more responses. Upgrades are charged only at the difference in price between the tiers.

If no date is chosen then the delve will automatically close 7 days from creation.

All Delve's close at midnight GMT on the day chosen.

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There is an all time limit of 10 Delve's created in free tier per account.

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